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It’s a constant challenge to optimize operations and ensure the most efficient use of your capital and resources, especially with high maintenance flow technologies. With more experience than almost any manufacturer in the industry, the Emerson experts can help you find the right technology to solve for the daily challenges of meeting production targets while keeping control of operating expenses and maintenance.

Accurate & Timely Allocation Information

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Reduce OPEX & Personnel Exposure for Gas Measurement

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Reduce Space & Weight Requirements

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Boost Efficiency & Safety While Drilling

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Reduce Expenses on Chemicals for Flow Assurance

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Reduce OPEX & Improve Insight

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Oil & Gas Technologies


Coriolis flow meters have a wide dynamic range with typical turndown ratios in the order of 25:1 and good accuracy over a 100:1 dynamic flow range in some applications.

Differential Pressure

As the most widely used and best-documented technology, DP flow meters have no moving parts, are easy to troubleshoot and can be configured quickly without calibration.


Magnetic flow meters are obstructionless, cost-effective for aggressive chemicals and slurries, and provide highly accurate volumetric flow measurement (0.15%).


Multiphase meters provide oil, water and gas flow rates in a compact, low maintenance meter.


Featuring low-cost installation, maintenance and ownership, Turbine flow meters offer high accuracy and repeatable measurement under the most demanding conditions of custody transfer applications.


Ultrasonic flow meters virtually eliminate incremental pressure drop, offer large turndown ratios and enable bi-directional measurement, making them ideal for a variety of fiscal and non-fiscal applications.


Vortex flow meters offer easy installation without impulse lines, no moving parts to maintain or repair, less leak potential, and reliable performance in liquid, gas and steam applications.

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Say Goodbye to Wasteful Strategies for Chemical Injection


Watch our video to learn more about our new high pressure meter and how it can optimize flow assurance and asset integrity in your upstream operations.

Reduce the Over-Injection of Chemicals


View our infographic to learn more about our new high pressure Coriolis meter and how it can optimize your flow assurance and asset integrity in your upstream operations.

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Chemical Injection Solutions ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator

Learn how fast your Emerson chemical injection solution investment can pay for itself.

Improve Accuracy and Reduce Costs and Risk in Oil and Gas Production

White Paper

Read this white paper to learn more about the technical approach to achieve the highest possible accuracy in allocation measurement, and the business benefits of incorporating Emerson flow solutions into upstream oil and gas production.

Oilfield Service Company Saves $1,280,000 with Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter Technology

Case Study

Learn how an oilfield service company is saving more than $1 million a year in maintenance costs with Emerson flow solutions in this case study.

Oil and Water Density Widget for Standard and Process Conditions


Use this tool to obtain oil and water liquid densities that have been corrected to reference conditions. You can also leverage its capabilities to obtain densities at process conditions from known reference densities.