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Keeping ahead of constantly shifting regulatory requirements and reducing costs and time-to-market while producing consistently safe, high quality products is a high standard for Life Sciences manufacturers to maintain. Trust the team of Emerson experts to assist with ensuring quality management, meeting regulatory compliance, reducing costs and increasing availability.

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Life Sciences Technologies


Coriolis flow meters have a wide dynamic range with typical turndown ratios in the order of 25:1 and good accuracy over a 100:1 dynamic flow range in some applications.

Differential Pressure

As the most widely used and best-documented technology, DP flow meters have no moving parts, are easy to troubleshoot and can be configured quickly without calibration.


Magnetic flow meters are obstructionless, cost-effective for aggressive chemicals and slurries, and provide highly accurate volumetric flow measurement (0.15%).


Vortex flow meters offer easy installation without impulse lines, no moving parts to maintain or repair, less leak potential, and reliable performance in liquid, gas and steam applications.

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