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Today’s chemical industry needs to produce more at a higher quality and at a lower cost, along with greater customization, stricter environmental and safety mandates and fluctuating feedstock and fuel costs. The process experts at Emerson can help you balance those considerations to reduce maintenance, improve compliance, yield and quality, and ensure that you produce every product correctly, every time with accurate, safe and flexible flow solutions.

Maximize Uptime & Throughput

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Safeguard Workers, Community & Environment

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Reduce Process Complexity

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Manage Changes in Manpower

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Improve Product Quality

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Chemical Technologies


Coriolis flow meters have a wide dynamic range with typical turndown ratios in the order of 25:1 and good accuracy over a 100:1 dynamic flow range in some applications.

Differential Pressure

As the most widely used and best-documented technology, DP flow meters have no moving parts, are easy to troubleshoot and can be configured quickly without calibration.


Magnetic flow meters are obstructionless, cost-effective for aggressive chemicals and slurries, and provide highly accurate volumetric flow measurement (0.15%).


Ultrasonic flow meters virtually eliminate incremental pressure drop, offer large turndown ratios and enable bi-directional measurement, making them ideal for a variety of fiscal and non-fiscal applications.


Vortex flow meters offer easy installation without impulse lines, no moving parts to maintain or repair, less leak potential, and reliable performance in liquid, gas and steam applications.

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