• Ensures highly accurate, repeatable measurement of clean fluids
  • Designed for maximum volume throughput with minimal pressure drop
  • Delivers cost savings through lowcost installation, maintenance and ownership


  • Effective for determining actual volumetric flow regardless of changes in the composition of the natural gas or hydrocarbon liquids being measured
  • Eliminate incremental pressure drop with full bore design while no moving parts reduce maintenance time and cost
  • Improve uptime by delivering advanced diagnostics in real time to alert operators of abnormal flow profiles and/or meter issues


  • Simplified installation, maintenance and verification
  • Nonclog design for maximum performance, reliability and enhanced safety
  • Versatility for use in liquid, gas, steam and corrosive applications


  • Advanced diagnostics to monitor and verify meter health
  • Effective for both very low and very high volume flow rates
  • Availible in a wide range of liner materials, electrode options and line sizes

Differential Pressure

  • Most common flow measurement technology with a long history of achieving high accuracy and repeatability
  • Includes no moving parts for simple maintenance, troubleshooting and rapid configuration without the need to calibrate


  • Conducts direct mass measurement with high accuracy and wide turndown
  • Built in analysis capability to enable understanding of process conditions
  • Delivers reliable performance in varied and challenging conditions